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Global, Tour, Online, Parapente, Innovation, Kite.

NIT. 900736079-5

RNT: 35586

Local phone numbers: +57 4 4445642 – +57 4 3880757

 National toll free line 018000423594

Only WhatsApp CEO GTOPIK S.A.S

Edison Valencia: +57 3146427265

Mobile and WhatsApp Admin

Laura Alvarez+57  3127496306

Mobile and WhatsApp Admin

Santiago  Alvarez +57  3005260547

Jorge Muñoz / English info + 57  3017263960

Social networks and web

Payment methods

Colombian Peso ($) – COP

 American dollar  ($) – USD

Euro (€) – EUR

through: Paypal, PSE, Cash, Debit and Credit Cards, Bancolombia, Davivienda, Super Giros, Baloto, Éxito, Efecty.