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Environment tourist Commitment

  • Plan and prepare your trip in advance.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Turn off the air conditioning and light while you’re not in the hotel room.
  • Avoid damaging coral reefs, which protect the coast from waves energy.
  • Pick up metallic waste as covers, because its effect of degradation with water, generates fish poisoning and affects corals.
  • Consider other visitors.
  • Always try to buy and consume recyclable packaging food or one that does not use them at all.
  • Take plastic bags to trash and remove them from the place at the end of your stay, if it is not biodegradable. Otherwise, place them in the bins or places demarcated by the competent authority.
  • Always cross the meadows along the marked trails and never step on the crops.
  • Respect and care for water sources.

What you must not do

  • Hunting.
  • Using aerosols and other contaminants.
  • Collecting shells, corals and stones.
  • Picking up plants and flowers or collecting animal species.
  • Entering pets to parks.
  • Listening to loud music.
  • Throwing garbage or solid waste to the ground or burying it, whether they are biodegradable or organic.
  • Lighting fires, unless the managers of the natural park or the tourist area have places specifically designed for this activity.
  • Throwing cigarette butts or glass that can cause fires.
  • Buying handicrafts of tortoiseshell, coral or other scarce natural elements or those that threaten life.
  • Buying souvenirs made of plants and animals in danger of extinction.
  • Feeding animals.
  • Killing animals.
  • Throwing garbage or plastic objects.