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For us, your security is first.

For Volar en Parapente by GTOPIK security is essential, that's why we have for you ...
Flight equipment in optimal conditions.
Pilots certified by: FAI and APPI international.
Insurance policy with AXA International.
Safety checks before each flight.

The best personalized service.

We have a professional and highly trained work group to satisfy your needs and give you the best service.
We follow up before, during and after each activity.
We solve your concerns in the shortest possible time.
We have multiple means of communication to be always available.

Quality in service.

We have the best latest technology web platforms to verify and certify our processes to always provide the best service.
We have our own operating system specialized in adventure sports to verify each process of our company and guarantee the quality and safety of our services.

Let's everybody fly.

We show you how good, easy and safe it is to do Paragliding with free flight instruction and the great possibility of controling the paraglider for a moment.
Children can fly from 3 years old.
There is no age limit. 100-year-old people or even more have flown.
People with some disease or disability can fly . Limits are mental.