Paragliding Bucaramanga Santander Colombia


Purchase Paragliding in Medellin Paragliding in San Felix, GTOPIK with security and guarantee. We have https encryption

Means of payment accepted

Colombian peso COP

United States Dollar USD


You can make your payment via:

Paypal, PSE, Cash, Debit and Credit Card , Bancolombia, Davivienda, Super Giros, Baloto, Éxito, Efecty.


Paragliding Bucaramanga
Current rates 2022

Paragliding Bucaramanga Tandem 15 minutes Approximate COP$110,000 – $30USD.

HD camera service clicks and photos COP$20,000 – $5USD.

*Ideal to bring the original empty micro SD (If you don’t have it, don’t worry, we’ll transfer it directly to your USB device, cell phone, laptop PC or via Whatsapp)*

*Necessary to book with full names, type, document number of those who are going to take the flight experience.*

Important Paragliding Bucaramanga

The attention is by order of arrival since the activity depends on the weather conditions 100%, in order to expedite the flight process for everyone.

 Paragliding Bucaramanga


Surgery less than 90 days

pregnancy status


Heart problems


Injuries in lower limbs.

Paragliding Bucaramanga includes

*Flight insurance.

* FAI and APPI certified professional pilot.

*Equipment in excellent certified condition.

* Track rights.

Office Hours

Every day of the year there is service from 8AM to 5PM
Service to groups and companies

Logistics, transportation, complete packages and great benefits.

Reservation Policy Paragliding Bucaramanga

*The attention will be carried out in order of arrival or with variation as necessary due to weather conditions, these define:

Wait for the start of the activity, the order of attention, the cancellation of the activity at any time to guarantee quality, safety and satisfaction.

Means of payment received

You can make the payment by: Colombian Peso COP, US Dollar USD, Euro EUR, Paypal, PSE, Cash, Debit and Credit Card, Bancolombia, Davivienda, Super Giros, Baloto, Giros Exito, Efecty.


Comfortable and warm clothing for the cold, sunscreen, covered shoes, sunglasses (optional) and it is recommended not to eat before flying.

information and bookings

WhatsApp Edison Valencia only: +573146427265

Mobile and WhatsApp Laura Álvarez: +573127496306


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Paragliding by GTOPIK

Quality, Safety and Satisfaction guaranteed.

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