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Every human being has ever dreamed about Flying and GTOPIK makes it a reality with a guarantee of satisfaction and safety, so you can see how Good, Easy and Safe it is.

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Guaranteeing our customers the best personalized service, delivering the best of us with excellence and quality in service. We have found out that we can manage a successful and profitable business by using our knowledge and talents, while doing something that we like and enjoy.


GTOPIK SAS and what its acronyms mean (Global, Tourism, Online, Paragliding, Innovation, Kite), seeks to be identified as the leading agency in both providing ease of learning and practice for (FLYING IN PARAGLIDING) free flight, KiteSurf and offering products and services, finding out and creating ideal sites for practice of activities and strengthening existing sites with training, certification, accompaniment, regulation and financing, for the common benefit for giving greater social and inclusive impact.


GTOPIK is a group of people whose great point in common  is the passion for Paragliding and Kite, which we have been practicing for many years. This, in addition to the satisfaction we have found in it, has led us to create the company, from where we want to make known all the physical and mental benefits of adventure sports to enhance their practice.


Volar en Parapente by GTOPIK S.A.S

NIT. 900736079-5 – RNT: 35586

San Pedro road 82 a 90 – Bello – Colombia

Local phone numbers: 57 4 4445642

Free national toll line: 01 8000 423594

Only WhatsApp CEO GTOPIK – Edison Valencia: +57 3146427265

Móvil and WhatsApp Laura Alvarez: +573127496306


  • Vision

    We look beyond the horizon to anticipate the change. We are passionate about shaping the new generation of adventure sports and non-polluting means of transport that use the energy of nature for working.

  • Innovation

    We are creative and we love solving problems in new ways. With a truly talented group of people, great products and services, open minded people are committed to the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies for our agents and preferential business partners.

  • Excellence

    We are committed to being a high performance organization by maintaining focus on total customer satisfaction. We continuously analyze our processes and ourselves, in order to become the best of the best.

  • Service

    It’s not just about technology and systems. It’s what we do for people what matters, In short, we like to help people whether they are colleagues, clients or business partners.

  • Integrity

    We deliver what we promise, and we only promise what we can deliver. We do what we say with warmth, humor, and a lot of thought. (That’s why people enjoy working with us!)

  • Strenght

    Our goal is always to exceed our financial objectives and the expectations of our customers,colleagues and shareholders. We build our human resources, giving exciting opportunities for our own people and to bring together new ones, whose skills help to improve and expand our already solid base. We are committed to the growth of our global mark together with our customers.


We work with the best and we are proud of it and, together with them, we deliver to our customers the best of the world and put it close at their hands.


Our specialists are working to guarantee your satisfaction. All of them have traveled extensively and documented perfectly so you can enjoy their adventures.

Edison Valencia

President & Founder

Hi. Best regards. My name is Edison Valencia, President and Founder of Volar en Parapente by GTOPIK.

I found out Paragliding and Adventure Sports by chance, thanks to a courtesy flight I had with my cousin Hector Flory, who had already had several years of experience doing Paragliding.

We started flying and my feet left the ground in a magical and inexplicable way. Then, we flew for 10 minutes and my mind kept thinking that man could fly with a simple piece of cloth and ropes and that we could move up and down as if we were birds.


Two years later, I had the opportunity and made the decision to learn to do Paragliding, which I did intensively. For this reason, after 15 days I was lready flying by myself. After three years of practice and more than 1000 flights done by myself, I got a certification as a professional pilot and started flying with other people as passengers.

Throughout many years of practice and more than 10,000 paragliding flights with passengers, I have discovered that people are afraid of flying, because they think it is dangerous, but, on the contrary, Paragliding is  for me one of the most important, Fundamental, Good, Easy and Safe sports ever.

People who learn to fly or practice Paragliding in the company of an instructor get basic knowledge about meteorology, aerodynamics and physics in an easy and fun way, which is agreat source of Entertainment and mental Skill, thanks to the fact that the Paraglider transmits the movements of the air in your body and hands; your mind begins to memorize and mechanize the movements of the air, thermal currents, dynamics and displacement of masses, all this with the great help of the birds that always fly by our side teaching, in an easy way, how the thermal currents move, so we learn physics just following these incredible animals.

My mission

Promoting and giving free access to all people who want to learn to fly, because I believe that paragliding is the evolution of man in: Education, Entertainment, Skill and Transportation.

Activities that provide you with Knowledge, Entertainment and Ability to use in your daily life, to know how  it works the world in which you live and thus learn to use Nature in a better way and get the best out of it.

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Edison Valencia

President & Founder


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There is no request too big or too small for our team. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Let’s make the perfect adventure.