Base Jumping from Paraglider Edison Valencia

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Edison Valencia
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Throughout many years of practice, I have found out that people are afraid of flying, since they think it is dangerous. In fact, Paragliding is one of the most fundamental, Good, Easy and Safe sports that exist, because people who learn to fly or practice paragliding in the company of an instructor, acquire basic knowledge of meteorology, aerodynamics and physics in an easy and fun way, great source of Entertainment and Mental skills. Thanks to the fact that the Paraglider transmits the movements of the air in your body and hands, your mind begins to memorize and mechanize the air movements, thermal currents, dynamics and displacement of masses, with the great help of birds that always fly to our side, teaching us, in an easy way, how thermal currents move and thus we learn physics, simply by following birds.
Every human being has ever dreamed about Flying and GTOPIK fulfills it with satisfaction and safety guarantee, so you can see how Good, Easy and Safe it is.
My mission is to promote and give free access to all people who want to learn to fly, because I believe that paragliding is the evolution of man in: Education, Entertainment, Skill and Transportation. Activities that provide you with Knowledge to use in your daily life; to know how the world in which you live works and thus learn to use Nature in a better way and get the best out of it.

The ability of birds with the knowledge to enjoy it

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